Interior Design Styles – Industrial Style
Yankee's bar by Život Design (

Yankee’s bar by Život Design

We started our journey through styles in interior design by presenting the opulent Art Deco, originating in the twenties of the last century, particularly interesting from a historical point of view. This time we will step even deeper into history, into the end of the 18th century, the booming era of the industrial revolution, which, apart from significant economic progress, also brought about an interesting aesthetic. In the last 10 years or so, industrial design has been one of the most popular styles in interior design and a hot topic of most interior design blogs- almost to the point of satiation. Nevertheless, it possesses that sort of eternal charm and is extremely adaptable, which is why it remains a popular choice in decorating spaces, especially large and spacious ones, where the very architectural settings demand its application.

Those who are familiar with our work know that most of the projects we have worked on are located in Rijeka, a city with a rich industrial history. Rijeka, its architecture, history, culture, eclecticism and spirit remain our eternal inspiration, and we always strive to pay tribute to them in interiors that we decorate.

We have selected for you a gallery of photos that best showcase what industrial style looks like coming from the creative workshop of our designers and carpenters, but before we let the photos tell their story, let’s familiarize ourselves with the main determinants of this style and the historical circumstances under which it came about.

Although the industrial style has gained popularity in the last 20 years or so, it has its roots in the industrial revolution of the 18th and 19th centuries. During this period, factories and industrial buildings were built with the intention of lasting for years and accommodating a large number of employees so that the work could be done as quickly and efficiently as possible, which is why these spaces had to be large, orderly, and built of durable materials such as brick, concrete, steel and iron. This is a specific look of industrial spaces that will be transferred to interior design two hundred years later: exposed bricks, metal structures, wide open spaces and raw materials such as steel and concrete. Although the focus was not on the visual impression but on the functionality of industrial spaces, in the late 20th century designers recognized the charm and particular aesthetics that such spaces radiate, and thus the industrial style experienced its comeback, this time in the service of aesthetics, atmosphere and evoking past times.

Some of the key characteristics of the industrial style are the aforementioned use and emphasis on natural materials such as brick, concrete and metal in their original state. Raw walls, uneven floors and rustic finishes are part of the industrial charm. Large, airy spaces with minimal partitions, exposed lighting, with high-mounted industrial lamps, bulbs and chandeliers are also characteristic.

All this creates a unique atmosphere in the interior, which is why the urban, raw aesthetics of the industrial style is an extremely popular choice in interior design. In addition, the industrial style is very flexible, it goes well with other styles such as minimalism, rustic and modern, and it emphasizes sustainability and recycling, using renewable materials and vintage pieces of furniture. It is precisely this feature that attracts us at Život Design the most. Our great passion is finding beautiful vintage pieces that we can breathe new life into, and our experience and knowledge in woodworking gives us the opportunity to make the most of the potential of a seemingly worn-out piece of furniture and integrate it into a new interior.

We invite you to take a look at some of the interiors we decorated in the industrial style: