Our story started spontaneously out of love for refinement of space and shaping of wood. In a very short time, the products of that love were recognized in a large part of the city’s population and our story turned into a real creative team of people that can already be said to have made a significant contribution in changing the faces of our city, and recently other cities in Croatia.

We design and decorate public and private spaces.
Our portfolio includes a large number of projects from hotels to apartments, with special emphasis on catering facilities, which allows us to express our creativity.
Our primary goal is to give space a soul, or in other words LIFE.

Zivot Design - Cukarikafe
Zivot Design - Bistro Mornar

Apart from the design, we make complete interiors in our production, or by the “turnkey” system.
This way our production includes everything from conceptual design, 3D drawings and visualization, billboards, construction works, furniture design, lighting, complete inventory to graphic design for an object and visual names.
This kind of approach gives us a rounded story where every detail of the space follows the main theme that we wanted to narrate.


Although our arrangements are recognized as modern and in line with world trends, we have decided not to stick strictly to any particular style, because such an approach, which includes the dose of spontaneity and improvisation, allows us to access every space or project individually, trying to revive energy of the space and its environment in accordance with the wishes of clients and our vision.